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Updated By-Laws

The format of the amendments is that the current language is provided in its entirety, with proposed new language underlined and language proposed to be deleted is shown as strikeout

The principal changes proposed are as follows:

Article II - Authority

  • Inserts the “non-interference” language here (and deletes it from Article V – Membership), as this is the more appropriate place for it.

Article VII - Officers

  • Consolidates the Secretary and Treasurer positions into one position, but adds the position of Past Chair as an officer; all four would serve on the Executive Committee, along with one other Council member.
  • Officer positions would be 2-year terms instead of one, with a limit of 2 consecutive 2-year terms in place of the current limit of three 1-year terms.  We’ve had a little trouble filling all four officer positions and we don’t think we need a separate Secretary and Treasurer.  The longer terms recognize that it takes a while to learn the ropes.

Article VIII – Committees

  • Drops the separate Finance Committee and transfers its duties to the Executive Committee.
  • Drops the separate Bylaws Committee and transfers its duties to the Policy Committee, and cleans up existing language re Policy Committee duties.
  • Drops “Recruitment” from the name of the Membership Committee but keeps the recruitment duty as part of the charge.

Article IX - Reimbursement

  • Clarifies current practice that only Council members are reimbursed for travel, and that such reimbursements are only for expenses related to Council meetings

The bylaws as of December 2, 2016: