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DDC Goals

Goal 1 - Community Supports

All individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and their families, will have access to the community supports and services, based on their needs and preferences that will support them in leading productive, dignified, inclusive, and self-determined lives.

Goal 2 - Employment

People with intellectual/developmental disabilities who want to work will have meaningful job options and opportunities in inclusive settings within their communities.

Goal 3 - Health

Individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families, will have access to the community-based health supports, services and resources which will ensure they achieve and maintain a healthy quality of life.

Goal 4 - Self-Advocacy and Leadership

Individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities will maintain self-advocacy through self-directed leadership in all life activities, actions, and decisions.

Goal 5 - Education and Early Intervention

All children, youth, and students with intellectual/developmental disabilities, aged birth to 21 years, will receive individualized, evidence-based supports and services in inclusive settings that will help them attain their maximum potential, including extra-curricular activities.