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Advocate Leadership Academy

Fall 2021 Advocate Leadership Academy 

We are holding our Advocate Leadership Academy for Fall 2021 online over Zoom.

We are also experimenting with a new format to keep people engaged during the online format. After an introduction in the first class, there will be three classes for three different subjects. These include self-awareness, disability advocacy and networking/coalition building. The first class for each topic will be a Powerpoint introduction to the topic. The second class will feature a guest speaker talking about how to apply the knowledge of the topic through their own story. Then, the third class on the topic will allow participants to do hands-on work to learn more about the topic.

The Academy will take place on Wednesday from 2-4 pm. The class is currently full, but we always accept applications for the next session, which will start in Mid-August.


If you are interested in participating, fill out the Advocate Leadership Academy application.