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Q: Is it Free?

A: Yes. Our classes are free for our advocates and we do our presentations for free.

Q: Is it a dayhab?

A: No. We have activities during the day and have advocates doing classes and presentations. However, we don’t require people to come to any of the classes except the Fall Class and the advocates help pick the activities.

Q: Who runs it?

A: We are a project of the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council.

Q: If you don’t charge money, how do you get funding for activities?

A: Since we are a project of the DDPC, we are part of a state agency. Therefore, we receive money from the state for our operating budget. We also get some money from the federal government to help us meet some of our goals.

Q: How do you join the Fall Class?

A: If you want to join next year, we have started hearing from potential candidates and will continue to talk with potential candidates in the spring and summer before the Fall Class. Email us at or call us at (505) 670-5698. We then set up a meeting where we explain what the Fall Class is and help people decide if it is right for them.

Q: Do I need to be in the Fall Class to participate in other activities?

A: No. The activities other than the Fall Class are open to anyone who is interested. It is a great way to get to know people at the Center and see if it is the right place for you. It is also a way to have fun in a laid back environment.

Q: Do I get paid for participating in activities?

A: Although our activities are free, advocates do not get paid for participating in activities. The only activity that advocates get paid to participate in is the Fall Class because of the work being done to create a Powerpoint or practice and refine a Powerpoint. The Fall Class is one where someone must join (see the question "How do you join the Fall Class?") and actively participate in order to receive payment. People are welcome to participate in our activities or drop in and spend time at the Center for no cost, but they do not get paid for that time.

Q: How do I get to the Center for Self Advocacy?

A: We are located at 625 Silver Av. SW Suite 100 Albuquerque, NM 87102. The office is located downtown near 6th and Silver. The closest landmark is the Flying Star Cafe on 8th and Silver.

Q; What is a self advocate?

A: A self advocate is a person who knows their rights and stands up for them. They are a person who wants to make their own decisions in their lives and believe in their ability to live as independent and satisfying a life as possible. They also help other people stand up for their rights and live as good a life as possible. If that sounds like you, get in touch with us.

Q: I think your presentations would be good for people I work with. How do I schedule a presentation?

A: Contact us at or call us at (505) 670-5698. He will help you decide what presentation would be most appropriate and figure out the scheduling.

Q: I have an idea for an activity. How do I make it happen?

A: Email us at or call us at (505) 670-5698 or visit us and give us your idea. We are always open to suggestions and maybe we can make it happen.