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Qualifications for Guardians


The Guardianship Program contract “corporate” guardians are required to successfully complete the Guardianship Certification through the national Center for Guardianship Certification (CGC) and are designated as Certified Guardians within eighteen (18) months of employment. The Contractor must document staff job descriptions and qualifications for each staff member and make such documents available to the Guardianship Program, upon request.

Certified Guardians are certified by the national Center for Guardianship Certification (CGC) to enhance the quality of guardianship services through national certification. The CGC views certification not as the end, but as a means to demonstrate to the public, clients, and the courts that the certified guardian has sufficient skill, knowledge and understanding of the universal guardianship principles to be worthy of the responsibility entrusted to him or her.

Certification entitles the guardian to represent to the courts and the public that he or she is eligible to be appointed, is not disqualified by prior conduct, agrees to abide by universal ethical standards governing a person with fiduciary responsibilities, submits to a disciplinary process, and can demonstrate through a written test an understanding of basic guardianship principles and laws.

For information regarding “Registered Guardians”, please see the Center for Guardianship Certification at: There is also the NGA’s Model Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and Agency Standards; see at website:; Click on: "Publications", then Click on "Model Code of Ethics for Guardians", on "Standards of Practice for Guardians, or click on Agency Standards"; Ph: 814-238-3126; E-mail: