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March 9, 2015

The Second ?#?SideBySideDDAM2015 Profile - The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities

Wisconsin Board for People with
Developmental Disabilities (BPDD)
The BPDD Implements Several Initiatives to Increase the Number of People with Disabilities Working in "REAL JOBS for REAL PAY"


The BPDD works side-by-side with many partners to implement several employment initiatives:

  • Employment First is a national movement advocating for integrated employment to be the number one priority for use of public supports for individuals with disabilities.  BPDD has worked collaboratively at the grassroots, policy and legislative levels to make Wisconsin an Employment First state.  For more information, go to ODEP or WI EMP FIRST
  • Take Your Legislator to Work campaign highlights how everyone wins when people with and without disabilities work together in the community by inviting legislators to visit constituents with disabilities at their places of employment. People with disabilities who work in the community are more likely to be independent, pay taxes, and contribute to the local economy, and rely less on publicly-funded programs. For more information, go to TYLTW
Mr. Kletzien (center) with co-workers & management team
Side-by-Side Employment
TYLW participant Spencer Kletzien is one Wisconsin example of the power of working side by side. He has worked in the community in appliance manufacturing and production for nearly 20 years. He currently works at Dickmann Manufacturing in Grafton, Wisconsin, where he is supported by his foreman.

Mr. Kletzien reports the best part about the job is the work itself and the way he's treated by his bosses. He also enjoys attending company events with his co-workers and is an active participant in the company's attendance bonus plan.


When asked about his future he shared,

"I have no plans for retirement, just to continue to work for as long as I can."

~ Spencer Kletzien of Dickmann Mfg. Co.

To learn more about the many community employment efforts supported by the BPDD, go to  BPDD Employment Projects