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March 23, 2015

The Fourth #SidebySideDDAM2015 newsletter celebrating inclusive friendships and fun

Here is Week 4 of the #sidebysideDDAM2015. This weeks theme is friendship and fun

MARCH 2015
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Celebrating Togetherness during DDAM
Help raise awareness by sharing ways people with and without developmental disabilities make contributions to their communities


What is People First Language?


Meeting and getting to know people with disabilities is just like meeting anyone else, it starts with Hello...
One best practice is the use of People First Language (PFL). PFL is an objective and respectful way to speak about people with disabilities by emphasizing the person first, rather than the disability. Learn more about People First Language on the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities website and download the handout in English and Spanish.

NACDD invites you to share photos, stories, & videos of people with & without disabilities participating together in community life.


How can I participate?
To participate in the campaign just post your photos, with a brief description, stories or videos directly to NACDD's Facebook page and/or Twitter account and tag it #sidebysideDDAM2015. *
Forward this information to others and encourage them to participate as well. For questions about the campaign or if you do not have access to Facebook or Twitter, contact Angela Castillo-Epps or call 202-506-5813 ext.100


* When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture). In addition, NACDD reserves the right to potentially use select entries for future advocacy efforts, campaigns, and publications and social media.

Celebrating Togetherness during DDAM ~ Friendship & Fun
two women at party
Jaci & Kelly side-by-side celebrating the holidays.
Two women at concert
Kelly at Jaci's choir performane in downtown Durham, NC.
women working
Jaci and Kelly of Catalyst Consulting work together virtually by using the internet to get tasks done.
Side-by-Side More than Just Colleagues
Over the past year, Jaci and Kelly have become more than just colleagues. Spending time together outside of their careers has grown into a wonderful friendship. As the images show, they enjoy holiday parties, attending events and taking a break from their hectic schedules to socialize.

"I'm really happy to work with Kelly as a Special Projects Consultant. It gives me the chance to use my skills with computers in a way that helps others with disabilities and their families. I also enjoy going to parties with Kelly, especially when I got to dress up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast."                                                    ~ Jaci Su


"When I go to the co-working space without Jaci, people constantly ask about her. She brings so much life and energy into a room; everyone wants to hang out with her!"

                                       ~ Kelly Friedlander


Jaci & Kelly crash a Halloween party, costumes and all!
"Jaci has a great sense of humor. We love riding around town together, eating out, meeting people and talking about life."                               ~ Kelly Friedlander
online map
AXS MAP - Social/Recreation for All
Find - Use the AXS app or website to find accessible places in your area. 

Rate - Let others know how accessible places are by rating them with a few clicks. Share - Share places that are accessible or let friends know what places are not accessible through Facebook or Twitter.

For more information, visit Join AXS MAP

Did you know? chart
28% of people with disabilities report they sometimes feel lonely. The data from National Core Indicators (NCI) was collected from 8,007 adults with developmental disabilities receiving services from all participating NCI states. To learn more about recent data on people with disabilities and loneliness,
visit NCI Charts
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