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Why The Center Makes A Difference

The Center for Self-Advocacy: Making a Difference in People’s Lives

            Recently at the Center, we had a young woman come in to visit and see what the Center is all about. We took the time to sit down and tell her about what it is that we do here at the Center for Self-Advocacy. We told her about our fall class, what kind of activities we have planned throughout the week, and how she can get involved in self-advocacy. We explained that here at CSA, we place the focus on the self-advocates’ needs, aspirations, self-empowerment and the fact that the Center was created to support them. More specifically, we explained to her how she is in control of her own life, how she can spread awareness, and how she can help others through her experiences and her story.

            When this young woman first came into the Center, she was a little shy and probably wondering what to expect from the Center. Before this young woman left the Center, however, she had seen and understood that she has more capabilities and control over her own life than perhaps previously thought. It was great to see the change in this girl’s demeanor and confidence, and to be a part of that. She spent some time with us throughout the day. We played the dating game and took the opportunity to get know one another.

            I saw inspiration light up in that young woman that day. To be able to help someone and inspire them to help others is an amazing thing and it reminds me of my favorite quote:

“The only limitations you have are the ones you place on yourself.”