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Complaints Filed with the Office of Guardianship Within 30 Calendar Days


  1. If the complaints are not resolved between the guardian and complainant in 30 days, the complaint may be provided to Guardianship Program.
  2. The complaint must be in writing. (See accommodation above). (See section Subsection A at
  3. Guardianship Program will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing, to all parties. (See section Subsection H at
  4. If Guardianship Program determines an investigation is necessary, Guardianship Program may commence an investigation. The investigation must commence within 15 days. (See section Subsection H at
  5. The guardian and complainant must provide sufficient information to allow Guardianship Program to continue or complete the investigation. (See section Subsections E and H(4) at
  6. Guardianship Program will make a determination decision. This decision must be made within 60 days. (See section Subsection J at
  7. Further actions by Guardianship Program may include, a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) or referral to other agencies. (See section Subsection J(4) at


Complaints concerning termination of guardianship, change of guardian, or less restrictive guardianship requires the following:

  1. Complainant must specify this request in complaint; and
  2. Have a licensed professional complete the Report of Health Care Professional form.  (Request form from Guardianship Program).
  3. Letter written to judge presiding over case, copy must be provided to guardian and Guardianship Program.


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